SSL Certificate success

After days of research, installing java packages to help boost my level of encryption, trying to import the DCU cacert as a trusted key and trying to override the exception handler i’ve finally found a script that gets around the SSL certificate by installing an all trusting trust manager. This code isn’t mine and i’m not claiming it to be but after days spent trying to get around it by myself I think this is my best option going forward. The code is taken from “”

I’ve figured out that all the timetable URL’s are almost identical apart from a small part where you declare the program code and academic year. I’ve added a small part to the code where I ask for a users programme code and academic year, i will then insert these into a larger string containing the rest of the URL that stays the same. We’ve also added a small part where we transcribe every line of raw HTML into a file and then pass it to another java file that will parse it correctly. The reasoning behind this was to keep the parsing of data easy to follow, one script to get the HTML, another to parse it correctly and return every instance of a class.

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